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Cikaso Waterfall

Sukabumi Regency famous rich with natural attractions. Starting from the beaches to the mountains. One of the natural attractions are well-managed start Cikaso waterfall. Waterfall with a height of nearly 80 meters consists of three waterfalls and cliffs nearly 100 feet wide.

Being in the village Ciniti, Cibitung village, sub-Jampang Cibitung Kulon. To achieve it other than walk along the rice field, can also use a motor boat.

Usually the guests after the report to the ticket counter inside, handed two tickets Rp 2,000, per person, and one motor boat Rp80 thousand to go home. One boat with a capacity of up to 10 people. Motorboat will be waiting for the visitors for three hours.

After paying admission, visitors are immediately ready-boat ride on the river banks. Then the boat went straight across the river Cikaso for five minutes and went into the creek that flowed Cikaso water from the waterfall.

Then the visitors descended on the banks of the river and into the waterfall area. From a distance was heard the rushing flood of water that falls from height. Just for a minute walking, nature paintings terpampanglah pretty.

Waterfalls Cikaso nan magnificent stretches of white water crashing through three falls. Decorated with large rocks on the left and right and trees add to the natural beauty of this waterfall. Each waterfall has a name respectively. The left one named waterfall Asepan, middle and right Meow named waterfall waterfall named Aki.

There already are four food stalls, a shop selling souvenirs and T-shirts bearing the picture Cikaso waterfall and two toilets. The visitors cool lots of fun pictures taken while swimming or just playing the water while sitting on the rocks. Not a few teenagers who dare to swim in a waterfall edge to just reach the big boulders.

Unfortunately there are many, the beauty of the waterfall is somewhat disturbed by the amount of rubbish collected on the outskirts of the waterfall. Not to mention the rubbish that brought visitors in the area around the stalls. Moreover, one dumpster is not visible is also provided there.

Warning about security is also not yet exist, so many visitors are fun to swim without thinking of his own personal safety.

Though this waterfall spills, reportedly formed a strong rapids and the river reached a depth of 30 meters. Maybe I should be the limiting safe area around the waterfall so that the risk of accidents for pengununjung can be minimized.

Waterfall waterfall Ciniti Cikaso actually named, according to the name of the village area, but due to the passing river Cikaso, then more people call it by name Cikaso waterfall.

Packaging waterfall tour is very interesting, from a boat ride to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall.

Quoted from :http://travel.okezone.com/read/2011/06/24/408/472427/keindahan-curug-di-curug-cikaso

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