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Sangiang Island

The island is situated in the village Sangiang Cikoneng, sub-Anyer, Serang regency, Banten. To reach this island, you can begin the journey from the city of Serang, Banten, Cilegon by choosing the path to using public buses or private vehicles. Arriving in Cilegon, the trip can proceed to Anyer and stopped at the beach area in the village Manuk Cikoneng. From this beach, you can directly go Sangiang Island by boat or boat motor for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes wading waters of the Sunda Strait.

Arriving on the island Sangiang, you can start the trip by visiting some tourist attractions, such as forest explore Sangiang, see the natural beauty under the sea in waters Sangiang and historical tourism. Simply by visiting just one island that is Sangiang Island, you have to visit some interesting places who were there. That is why, Sangiang often referred to as the Seven Wonders of Banten, or the Seven Wonders of Banten.

When in Sangiang Island, you can begin the journey to explore the woods Sangiang. In the woods Sangiang, you can find several kinds of rare animals that live freely in the open like langur, monkeys, jungle cats, birds wallet, and hedgehogs. If lucky, you can also find bluwok pythons and birds roam in the forest. In addition to rare animals, you can see up close a variety of rare plant species, one tree ketapan. After the satisfaction of seeing a variety of rare animals and plants, you can continue the journey to old buildings that once made the Japanese army bunker when the events of the Second World War occurred. Right in front of the old fort, you can see a cannon that had once been used by Japanese troops against the Allies.

When visiting the island Sangiang, sempatkanlah yourself to simultaneously see the natural beauty of the underwater Sangiang. Various types of marine ornamental fish and colorful coral reefs are the main attraction of the sea waters in Sangiang. No need to dive into the deep ocean far Sangiang, simply by snorkeling at the edge of the sea, you can see several species of marine ornamental fish full of colors. If you are not familiar with diving activities, you can rent a boat to the sea Sangiang, Sangiang around the island as a whole and see the charm of the underwater world through a glass box that is attached at the ship floor.

if you want to enjoy the natural charm of the island Sangiang any longer, it is advisable for you to bring equipment such as tents stay, because the island is not yet available lodging facilities. For convenience and safety, it is advisable to first ask permission to the manager Sangiang Island Nature Park tour before you set up a tent for overnight. If you need additional information about what attractions to visit while on the island Sangiang, tourist information centers and tour guides who are in this island can help you.

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