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Vihara Avalokitesvara, Old Banten

Human civilization which has been running for a long time leaving the site - the site is so interesting and meaningful, one of which is a heritage building the kingdom of Banten monastery located in the village of Kampung Kasunyatan Banten, Serang Kasemen. Monastery whose name is taken from the name of a Buddha that Buddha Avalokitesvara, it has stood since the 16th century and is known as one of the oldest temples in Indonesia. According to the story of the monastery administrators who have been taking care of the monastery for decades, this temple was built by one of the king of offerings that had ruled in 1652 named Sheikh Syarief Hidayatullah. At that time Sheikh Syarief Hidayatullah married a Chinese princess. Sunan Gunung Jati who was one of the guardians songo, seeing that there are many immigrants from China who need a place of worship. And then Sunan Gunung Jati initiative to build a monastery for Buddhist shrines in those days, the monastery was later given the name of the Vihara Avalokitesvara.

For the people of Banten own, building temples is not only a historic building or place of worship only, but also as a symbol of how the past can pass on harmony in the face of any differences that exist. We all know people Banten known as the Muslim majority community, but in fact religious harmony in the region recently established offerings are very good, not even a rare population living around the temple area to get involved and help when there are events and celebrations - celebrations in monasteries, such as Buddha's birthday celebration. Religious tolerance and harmonious relations between Muslims and Buddhists in the area of the old Banten architecture can also be emitted from building Masjid Agung Banten Lama, located not far from the temple area. Masjid Agung Banten Lama who also is an icon of Banten long had a European-style architecture of China.

Remember you are with the Tsunami disaster that ever hit Aceh a few years ago? Tsunami Actually it was not the first time struck the Indonesian nation. The tsunami disaster has occurred in Banten 123 years ago, which is caused by the eruption of Mount Krakatoa. We can find a note that explains how the tsunami occurs, installed in one of the walls of the monastery. Notes written in three languages explaining how terrible the events, and at that time people - people took refuge in the monastery, while the flood menggelundung outside the monastery with the swift sweep of palm garden and all things that exist, people - people in the monastery to pray for protection, the miracle had happened was not water and lava into the monastery. Escaped and survived the disaster passes.

Since then the Buddha Banten believe, pray at the Vihara Avalokitesvara can bring salvation. In fact, not infrequently Buddhists from outside willing to come to the region of Banten Banten Lama only to pray at this temple. When asked why choose to worship at the Temple of Avalokitesvara, a visitor who has worshiped at this temple for nearly 30 years admitted to worship in the Vihara Avalokitesvara happy because the atmosphere is far from the crowds, quiet and peaceful and very fitting to pray. He said the atmosphere was very difficult to find in the monastery - another monastery located in the city - the big city.

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